Last Update: 23 November 2015 Minstrel HT Host & Author: Rob Thomasson

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Friday 11 December 2015
Welcome to this - the hypertext manifestation of, and by now so much more than a companion to, Minstrel.

Minstrel is a publication dedicated to the playing of 18xx - and a few other games - by mail (originally postal now only distributed by email). The currently active 18xx games are represented here by their last two reports with maps. Navigate using the table to the right.

The last published issue is Minstrel 400.

The Minstrel 400 emails have been sent.

 Date Minstrel 400 New & Changed Reports
Nov 8
Nov 13
Nov 15
Nov 18
Nov 20
1830L37, 1856E38
1870N36, 1856R36, 1835B37, 1829B38
18EUJ38, 1856P38

1870N36 OR12

1856R36 SR7

1861S36 OR12

1835B37 OR10

1830L37 OR7

1835V37 OR6

1835V37 OR6

1829B38 SR7

1856E38 OR5

18EUJ38 SR2

1856P38 OR2