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You don't need these links now that web search engines know what you like and when and how you like it.

Rules Differences
A valuable source of information on which paradigms apply in which 18xx titles.
Blackwater Station
A source of information on 18xx games and the people who make, support and play them. It hasn't been updated for ages, but can still be useful.
Yahoo Group A discussion group for 18xx titles - join to find or ask for inforamtion.
Stately Play Gaming at a dignified pace - friendly and mature forums.
Strategy Gamer Guides, reviews, discussion for video strategy games.
Pocket Tactics Mobile gaming - mostly board games, puzzlers and strategy titles.
Gamers With Jobs These people play video and board games whilst not being teenage and/or hysterical.
Web Grognards Still there after all those years talking wargames - board or computer based.
Dude! Take Your Turn!
Clio's Board Games
The Game Cabinet
Some blogs on Board Gaming. The Game Cabinet is a historical artefact. Or is it an artifact? No postcards please.
Some of the UK's games conventions. These days, there are many more.

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